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Fire Solutions
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When dealing with fire hazards in your house, prevention is far better than cure. We aim to help you understand the terminology behind fire suppression so you can stay ahead on safety in your Essex home or business.

Green Planet Fire and Security have two decades of experience in providing Essex homes and businesses with fire safety solutions. Our thoughtful team have helped spread the word of fire hazards throughout the county, helping everyone from property owners to businesses to create tailored fire protection solutions to suit their needs.

Let’s start with discussing one of the key aspects of dealing with fire hazards: fire suppression. Exactly what is it and why do you need it? Let’s talk you through it.

What is Fire Suppression and Why You Need it?

Fire suppression is an umbrella term that we use to the means and processes we go through to extinguish – or suppress – a fire that has already started. A fire suppression system might also describe a set of measures a property owner could take to suppress an expected fire. For example, clearing debris from around a property, installing fire doors, and fire detection sensors, could make up a single fire suppression system for a small building.

Fire suppression is extremely important to help property owners and SMEs meet fire safety regulations in your local region. Companies must comply with the Fire Safety regulations for England and Wales. Fire suppression measures are part of these rules, which instruct property owners to take all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of fire on their property. In modern years the systems have benefited from automation and digitisation. By monitoring temperatures and detecting signs of smoke, an automated fire suppression system is the newest way to protect your property.

What is an automated fire suppression system?

An automated fire suppression system relies on a network of sensors, code, and automated processes, to monitor for fire in your home or business. A fire suppression system can help you detect the fire faster. It can trigger sprinkler systems, alert the authorities to the fire, and trigger alarms. The idea behind these systems is that they save more lives by acting faster in the event of fire.

Automatic fire suppression systems have three functions. First, they detect the fire on your property. Automated systems rely on sensors and smoke detectors for this. When the systems finds heat or smoke, it acts fast to move onto stage two – suppression. This might involve a sprinkler system which triggers when the temperature raises above a certain point. The third responsibility of an automated fire suppression system lies in containment/compartmentation. The system may include heavy fire doors which stop the fast spread of a fire between rooms.

By combining all these components, we can design a fire suppression system that works to protect your business, keeping you in line with those fire safety regulations.

Where to Buy Business Fire Safety Training in Colchester?

Buy fire extinguishers and alarms right here from Green Planet Fire & Security. Extinguishers and alarms can secure your home, property, or business, against the threat of fire. We can even help you give fire training to your employees, helping you meet safety training demands and provide business fire safety solutions. Our fire safety experts are highly skilled and regularly trained with new updates in fire safety and signage for businesses. Use Green Planet as your Essex based fire safety consultancy to upgrade your business’s fire signage and training, today.