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CCTV cameras are popular in the UK, more so than in many other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Find out what percentage of CCTV cameras are in the UK here, along with some other fun facts about how to upgrade your home security.

Here at Green Planet Fire and Security, we are Colchester’s premier supplier of CCTV cameras. We provide state-of-the-art operational technology guaranteed to boost your home security. As a leader in the alarm and intrusion detector sector of Essex we are uniquely able to answer your questions about CCTV.

Let’s review what percentage of CCTV cameras the UK has and other surprising facts.

CCTV in the UK Facts and Statistics

CCTV systems are vastly better than the cameras you imagine from your childhood. With AI integration on the horizon, the rumours are true. The UK sees more CCTV usage than other nations. Rumours for this began back in a 2013 report by the British Security Industry Association. They alleged that there were as many as 5.9 million CCTV cameras in the UK. As the Times notes, this would mean one camera for every 11 people.

How many CCTV cameras are there in the UK in 2022?

An Earthweb estimate puts the number of CCTV cameras in London alone in 2022 at 942000 units – that’s one for every ten people. Fortunately, the UK also contains wide areas of countryside in the rural areas. The original 2013 estimates running as high as 5.9 million was an overestimate. Currently, there are roughly 5 million CCTV units in the UK… about 1 camera for every person living in Scotland.

Is the UK the most watched country in the world?

Although all this points to a country under constant surveillance, this is not the case. The UK misses the top three most surveyed countries in the world. Coming in at number four, the UK falls behind China, the USA, and Germany.

Which cities have the most CCTV?

As well as ranking the worlds most surveyed cities, Statista records that Taiyuan has 117 cameras per 1,000 residents. This earns it the title of top watched city in the world. London is one of the top cities too, with 73 cameras per 1,000 people.

Where to Buy a CCTV System in Colchester?

CCTV installation from Green Planet takes care of all your home or property security needs. We are experts in completing domestic CCTV installation in Essex. We have hundreds of happy clients accumulated over our two decades in business. We would happily have our expert security inspector review your property and devise a plan for home security that suits you.

What If I Don’t Want CCTV in my Home?

CCTV is not for everyone. Some people are uncomfortable with the thought of being recorded. This is especially true in the comfort of your own home. If CCTV on your property doesn’t fulfil your security needs, you can choose other routes to keep your family safe.

Green Planet burglar alarms help protect your home, even If you don’t want to go as far as installing CCTV cameras. Have you ever heard of ProContol+? This is a smart device security system that works in conjunction with a phone app. Don’t forget our variety of fire hazard solutions, either. You can have our technicians review your access control points to come up with a tailored action plan for your property. Home security really is as simple as that.