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We may be in the Autumn season, but before we know the British winter weather will soon be here to ‘grace’ us with its presence with the very best in wind, rain and the potential snowfall… The shorter daylight hours alone may make you consider a change in your business’s security needs. During this winter period, there are many reasons why a change in your security optimisation and services should be evaluated.

We work in partnership with our clients and deliver a unique service that is continuously developed through our deployed innovation and smart technology. A comprehensive security delivery and excellent customer care is the key to our business, which is why our unique concept of tailoring our services to each of your requirements this winter sets us apart from our competitors.

It’s important to keep on top of maintaining your security throughout the year, but always remember that seasonal changes will mean a possible change in security needs too. It’s easy to assume that with darker evenings and mornings, there would be less opportunity for an intruder to enter your commercial premises during the night. However, that is very rarely a deterrent..

Don’t Become Complacent

Wherever your business is situated, you’ll always find a recent victim of a burglary. If you were to ask them what they are now changing, nine times out of ten they will respond with the process of ramping up their security throughout.

Don’t think that ‘oh, it’ll never happen to me’ because an opportunist burglar only has to spot that you don’t have modern secure equipment that protects, which will give the burglar in question more confidence to target your premises – this is just an example of becoming complacent about the most basic security measures within your business. Remember, there is nothing to say that someone will target your business, especially without strict security services in place.

Be Prepared Ahead Of Winter Wonderlands

The winter season brings about the opportune chance to get away, forgetting about work for a short period and having the time to relax and unwind with friends and family – especially over the Christmas break. It’s important to plan your security before you jet off for a week or two – after all, nobody wants to return to work and find their business has been ransacked.

There are a few steps you must take to ensure your security remains optimised. For example, check that the contact details your remote monitoring station have are up-to-date.

Green Planet Fire & Security provides an excellent smart alarm service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Beware of Obstructions or Faults With Your Security

It’s inevitable that Mother Nature will play a part when it comes to obstructing your security services, plants and trees are the obvious obstructions when they become overgrown and simply get in the way or block the view of your surveillance camera – which in turn could be detrimental to the security of your company if the camera is unable to move freely or clearly.

Here at Green Planet Fire & Security we can make use of adjacent security cameras to identify the cause of alarms. That means it’s essential for all security cameras to be clear of obstructions and foliage – so we can monitor your premises as effectively as possible.

To conclude, the winter months require you to be switched on when it comes to your security preventions. With this in mind, switch over to us and we’ll have your business safe and secure now and into the future.

Take a look at our products and services throughout our website today, you can also contact Green Planet Fire & Security for further information. For Colchester commercial clients, you can call our head on 01206 215 076.