Audio Entry Systems

Commercial audio entry systems invariably compromise a buzzer, ceramic microphone, speaker and magnetic-release door lock. Where multiple businesses occupy a single building of an office complex, a multi-button panel could be used that may also incorporate a keypad for privileged access for staff members.

Commercial Audio Entry Systems

Business audio entry systems are generally used to restrict public access to premises and provide a simple level of security against unwelcome visitors. Unless coupled with an entry keypad or card-swipe mechanism lock override, such systems do not permit out-of-hours entry to the building.

Residential Audio Entry Systems

Audio entry systems for residential apartments, flats and other multi-occupancy dwellings are often identical to their business counterparts, performing the same duty: restricting access to non-residents by validating visitors through intercom dialogue. But they offer limited security and visitor identification.

Audio Entry Solutions

Audio entry systems have waned in popularity now that video technology has matured and the cost of implementing a compact audio-video solution has dropped. That is not to say the plain audio entry systems are redundant, it is just they are a less effective method of visitor identification.

Video Entry Systems

With the advent of cheaper video technology and networked computing a defacto standard for any 21st century building or factory, commercial video entry systems are fast becoming the norm for visitor identification, sometimes replacing CCTV and intercoms with compact integrated two-way audio-video units.

Commercial Video Entry Systems

Where it is a critical business prerequisite that all staff and visitors are clearly identifiable, such as in high security premises, video entry systems provide an additional level of security to that offered by audio or card-swipe entry systems—both of which may lead to security compromise if abused by staff or intruders through mimicry or card lending.

Residential Video Entry Systems

Where it is inconvenient or impractical to attend a peep-hole to verify a visitor is who they claim to be, a residential video entry system may represent a comforting solution, especially where a mobility impaired or infirm individual is concerned. There is no need to open the door to identify the person, preventing the threat of forced intrusion.

Video Entry Solutions

Whether it is a requirement of the business or simply for personal peace of mind, or you are seeking a single video entry solution or require multiple units, Green Planet Fire and Security will provide and install the video entry system best suited to your needs and then undertake staff or personal training as required.

Biometric Entry

Biometric door entry systems are becoming commonplace now because of cheap powerful microchips and intelligent software. Businesses and hotels no longer have to worry about the cost and inconvenience of replacing lost swipe cards. Retinal rather than fingerprint scanning is an alternative hi-tech entry solution.

Commercial Biometric Systems

One of the key benefits of biometric entry systems, especially when fully implemented, is the automatic logging of staff or guest movements in and out of the hotel or business premises, not so much for duty or occupancy monitoring but as a security measure in the event of fire or disaster when all occupants must be accounted for.

Residential Biometric Systems

Because of the now lowering costs of biometric systems it is feasible to install such a system in a residential property. Quite apart from the novelty value of owning your own fingerprint biometric entry system, the practical benefits are no more lost keys and the potential increase in could add to the value of the property.

Biometric Entry Solutions

It is unlikely your business requires the sophistication and expense of a retinal scanning system— unless you are head of security for a military weapons research establishment. However, fingerprint entry-exit systems represent a valuable investment where staff locations within a building or complex must be monitored or accounted for.

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