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If you want the most secure CCTV system solutions Colchester has, contact Green Planet Fire & Security today!

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Our Security Solutions

At Green Planet we make your safety our business. We never cut any corners with our CCTV systems and this ensures that your business or home will be safe at all times.

Our CCTV system solutions Colchester are designed to be well suited for businesses of all sizes and residential homes. The many CCTV camera across Britain have fueled rumours that it is indeed the most watched nation on the planet. Nonetheless, CCTV camera represent one of the more cost-effective and efficient solutions available in order to safeguard your business or home.

Commercial CCTV Systems

The CCTV systems solutions Colchester which we provide are ideal for businesses. Our team have installed many different types of CCTV systems, incorporating standard as well as wireless perimeters camera. We also incorporate video entry and CCTV monitoring which can be seen from your phone or other device.

Residential CCTV Systems

These can be both indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras. This type of camera is usually lightweight vari-focal units with a wide field of view suitable for keep an eye on an entire room or hallway. Our expert team will be able to suggest the best system for your requirements.

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Standard CCTV Systems

This standard CCTV system utilises a camera that is either hard-wired or wirelessly linked to a central control panel. Here, you will be able to record VCD images. We are able to install a variety of standard CCTV camera systems which are suitable for internal monitoring or for external use in perimeter security defences. Our team are able to tailor our CCTV solutions to meet your business or domestic needs. This can be simple or elaborate!

Our CCTV system solutions Colchester allows remote monitoring which allows for an alarm sensor to be tripped as it triggers either a silent or audible alarm. This will then alert a CCTV camera to seek to track the intruders whilst simultaneously sending a signal to one or multiple CCTV monitors located across the business complex.

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Choose the best CCTV system solutions Colchester has, choose Green Planet Fire & Security!
CCTV System Solutions Colchester
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