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If you are looking for the best CCTV installments and CCTV Systems Essex has to offer call Green Planet Fire And Security on 0845 5191 567!

Our CCTV Services

We sell the top of the range CCTV Systems Essex has.

Our range starts with the best standard CCTV systems Essex has, which utilise a camera that can be hardwired or wireless to a central control panel of hub for live or recorded VCD images.

This is very common with retail and other businesses.

The range also includes a IP CCTV System. This systems employs digital signal technology with sharp imaging. It is a very flexible solution for buildings with LAN infrastructure

Another system is a Remote CCTV Monitoring system which is an alarm system (audio or silent), which means the cameras track the intruder and can be monitored miles away as well as inside the business building.

These three are installed at the highest quality CCTV systems Essex can offer you and all are available in both residential and commercial settings.

Regardless if you need these CCTV systems Essex installed to adapt from a current system, or installed completely new, Green Planet Fire And Security will provide the service you need including:

  • A risk assessment
  • Guidance
  • Recommendations

The best CCTV systems Essex has are an inexpensive version of a 24/7 security guard, so don’t miss out!

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Our team are happy to help and provide all the help you need.

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