Fire Extinguishers

Fire suppression systems are designed to automatically detect and extinguish fires, usually remotely from a control panel without the need for human intervention; fire extinguishers require close quarter intervention and the knowledge to use them appropriately.

Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Use of fire extinguishers is recommended only where the fire is controllable without risk of compromise to building structure or personnel. Since this is often a critical subjective decision, staff should attend fire training to appreciate the scale of the fire and select a suitable extinguisher type.

Residential Fire Extinguishers

There are four types of fire extinguisher in general use: water, foam, dry powder and CO2 (carbon dioxide). Each is used on a particular type of fire - solids, wood or paper; flammable liquids; flammable gasses; electrical equipment; or cooking oils or fats. But many serve multiple duty on a variety of fires.

Fire Suppression Systems

Inert gas, chemical gas, water mist, water sprinkler and foam deluge are the broad categories of commercial fire suppression systems. Other, more specialised systems exist but these are peculiar to specific industries and tailored to meet explicit fire suppression and control requirements.

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