Looking for the best intruder alarms on the market? Green Planet Fire and Security is the company for you!

Our Security Services

Your security is our business. We want to give you peace of mind with our intruder alarms resilience systems.

We have served security systems for over 18 years in London and Essex, protecting all homes and businesses of any size with fire and security systems starting at a simple smoke detector to intruder alarms to a remote CCTV monitoring system.

We offer commercial security systems with our experience in the field security and fire alarms systems mean businesses can rest assured that their staff and business are fully secure from theft by our high quality intruder alarms.

We provide practical, effective dice, risk assessments and precision installations to any sized business premises.

We also cover residential security systems. The threat risk to homeowners, families and property cannot be undermined.

With our intruder alarms and fire detectors, we can protect your home and give you peace of mind that the devices in your home is not inadequate.

Our mission is to safeguard your property and to protect it from force entry, intrusions, theft and fire damage.

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Green Planet Fire And Security is the best company for all your security and fire safety needs.

Call us on our 24 hour number today on 0845 5191 567 or email us at info@gpfsecurity.co.uk.

We will safeguard your life and home with the best intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV there is!

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