Security Solutions

We offer a range of security systems suitable for businesses of all sizes along with the knowledge to offer intruder risk assessment for potential security vulnerabilities, both within the business buildings and their security compound grounds. We also provide residential security intruder detection and alarm systems.

Commercial Security Systems

Irrespective of your business size, Green Planet provide cost effective solutions. You may need a perimeter alarm system or secure access locks for high security centres within your building. After analysis, we will determine the most viable and efficient solution - wired, wireless or hybrid.

Residential Security Systems

Residential intrusion is perhaps the more personal violation of security, especially when criminals are apt to turn to violence once inside the home and are confronted. Which is why it is vital to deter and prevent intruders. We fit systems for both home and grounds for a complete intruder solution.

Security System Solutions

A security solution may comprise any or all of the following, dependent on the size of business and level of security required: CCTV, video and audio entry, perimeter defence, audible or silent alarms, manned and remote intrusion alert monitoring. And your insurance premiums may well be reduced.

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