ProControl+ is the ultimate smart device application for total peace of mind over your property from the palm of your hand. Using as a standalone system, or by integrating with Enforcer and Euro control panels, the Pyronix HD Wi-Fi camera range and any Hikvision video device, you can control security, video or both, via one application from anywhere.

Split-Screen Viewing

With a single touch, the screen view can be changed from observing 1 camera stream to 4, 9, 12 or 16 simultaneously. This allows you to monitor the whole property or zoom in for a closer look.

Visual Alarm Verification

Easily switch between the control panel and cameras for quick video verification of events.

Multi-Site Control

ProControl+ allows users the opportunity to bring together a number of systems on a single site or expand that to many sites across the globe from wherever you are with limitless possibilities.

Live & Recorded Video With Audio

Have a monitoring centre in the palm of your hand with the ability to watch live video, record on an SD card*, take screenshots, as well as listen in or speak using the microphone-enabled cameras.

Clear Images With Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Choose any of the Pyronix HD Wi-Fi cameras and WDR will handle contrasting light conditions to deliver clear video footage. By balancing the lighting conditions of both the foreground and background, WDR ensures clear images throughout.

Real-Time HD Video monitoring Day & Night

The Pyronix HD Wi-Fi cameras deliver perfectly clear video by automatically adjusting to light conditions. When dark, the cameras switch to night vision and even in total darkness still provide clear images, by using invisible infared (IR) LED light to illuminate the area.

*SD Card not supplied

Remote Reassurance

Quickly and conveniently control and check the entire status of your alarm system from one place, wherever you are.

Set & Unset

Individually set and unset areas to secure your property, or to allow access. This can be for the entire property or specific areas should you want to allow a pet to roam freely or accept a delivery without generating an alarm.

Control Outputs

Using the weird outputs of the control panel, you can utilise third-party automation devices. Trigger outputs with ProControl+, radio keyfobs or at any keypad to operate gates, manage lighting or open your curtains for example.

Wide Range of Peripherals

Control a security system that can be tailored to your property's needs, with external detectors, internal detectors, life safety sensors, outdoor sirens and much more.

ProControl+ Is Available On IOS And Android

Available from the Apple App store and Google Play store.

Whether you opt for intrusion, life safety, video monitoring or a combination, the system can deliver the ideal solution with ProControl+.

Furthermore, installation couldn't be easier thanks to award-winning two way wireless technology and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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