Smart Alarms

Smart Alarms

Does your home and business have smart alarms installed?

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Our Smart Alarms

Have you heard about ProControl+? This is the ultimate smart device application that will give you complete peace of mind over your property and items, right from the palm of your hand!

This can be used as a standalone system, or you can integrate it with Enforcer and Euro control panels as well as different video devices. And so, this will allow you to control security, audio and video from one application, anywhere!

With this system, you will be able to benefit from the following aspects:

  • Split-screen viewing
    • Single touch
    • Allows you to observe 1-16 screens simultaneously
    • Therefore, you can monitor the whole property at once
  • Visual alarm verification
    • Allows you to easily switch between the control panel and cameras
    • This will give you quick video verification of events
  • Multi-site control
    • Bring together a number of systems on a single site
    • You can also expand this to many sites across the globe from wherever you are
  • Live & recorded video with audio
    • Gives you a monitoring centres from the palm of your hand
    • You have the ability to watch live video, record, take screenshots, listen in or speak
  • Clear images with wide dynamic range (WDR)
    • You can choose between the Pyronix HD Wi-Fi cameras and WDR
    • These will handle contrasting light conditions in order to deliver clear video footage
  • Real-time HD video monitoring day & night
    • These cameras also deliver clear video by automatically adjusting to the light conditions
    • When it gets dark, the cameras will switch to night vision and it will provide clear images

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Our Company

At Green Planet Fire & Security we make your safety our main priority. Therefore, we never cut any corners. Our high quality products will ensure to keep your home or business safe from fire and intruders.

We are able to help business of all sizes and any residential homes in the Essex area. Our services allow us to advice, install and maintain your new smart alarms. This will ensure that your safety is always guaranteed.

If you don't believe us, read testimonials from our many happy customers:

“Green Planet and Fire Security installed our wireless burglar alarm system. I'm amazed by the minimal disruption. Our alarm has been installed for about 5 months with no problems, I'm pleased to report. Thank you." ? Mr. Hussanni

“ I contacted Green Planet Fire and Security after my house was burgled. I was treated with a great deal of sensitivity and compassion and the service I received was exceptional. I now have an alarm that gives peace of mind and security." ? Mrs. Shroud

“We called in Green Planet to replace our outdated fire alarm system. Good service, polite staff, clean workmanship. Overall, a job well done." ? Mr. Taylor

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Green Planet Fire & Security provide high quality security systems for fires and intruders. We want to ensure that you feel safe in your home and office at all times. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have and to ensure that you are given the right system for your home or business. Contact us through:

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We also have a 24 hour number, do not hesitate to call: 08455 191 567

Give your home or business complete security with our smart alarms, call Green Planet Fire & Security today!

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